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Yoshi's Story is a platform game starring the various Yoshi's as they try to restore their world to a natural state after it's been turned into a picture book by Baby Bowser. To do this players pick one of the different colored Yoshis and hunt each level for 30 pieces of fruit. There's more than enough fruit to go around each levels but expert players will want to try to collect only melons as there are only 30 of them in each level. The game is a rather short game in comparison to the previous Yoshi game, Yoshi's island, but completionists will want to traverse through the game multiple times to unlock all the levels.

International Version

The International Version cartridge

Besides the standard retail versions of Yoshi's Story released across the different territories, an additional one was produced by Nintendo dubbed the "International Version." In collector circles, the International Version of Yoshi's Story is significant because it is among the rarest cartridges produced for the Nintendo 64, especially since its existence wasn't confirmed until well over a decade after the original game's release. The game itself is largely the same, although it contains the markings of a Nintendo 64 kiosk demo and also has the odd quirk of having its text in Japanese, despite having an ESRB rating.

Game Boy Advance Tech Demo

Yoshi squaring off against a giant Shy Guy in the tech demo.

When Nintendo originally announced the development of the Game Boy Advance in 2000, one of the available tech demos at the time was a scaled down, yet playable version of Yoshi's Story. The tech demo itself was not a port, as it only consisted of one level that repeated itself infinitely; once Yoshi traversed far enough, he automatically ended up at the beginning of the level again. Nonetheless, some basic gameplay features were retained in the GBA rendition, such as the ground pound and flower-shaped health meter. Nothing else directly related to Yoshi's Story was realized on the GBA other than the tech demo itself.


The American soundtrack for Yoshi's Story: Music to Pound the Ground To.

The game also has a soundtrack in 3 versions. The American soundtrack's name is Music to Pound the Ground To Yoshi's Story Game Soundtrack while the European version's name is Love, Peace and Happiness. The soundtrack is composed by Kazumi Totaka, who also voices the title character of the game.

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