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Sister Yoshizawa is a nun and teacher at Ohbi high school. She reads passages from the bible during the morning service. Sister Yoshizawa also has extremely sharp hearing. She is able to detect exactly which student is making noise during the morning service.

Kira Kira

Chapter 2: Road to Ruin?

After the Second Literature Club band's performance at the school festival, Sister Yoshizawa brought the band and those involved in broadcasting the songs through the PA system to the staff room. She reprimanded them but decided to release them unpunished because several teachers enjoyed the performance.

On Chie's path, Sister Yoshizawa reprimanded the band and their cohorts again for staging a surprise performance near the end of the graduation ceremony. She allowed them to graduate anyway and she shed tears of happiness.

In Kirari's true ending, Shikanosuke fetched his sister Yuko to Ohbi for the school festival. There, he met Sister Yoshizawa again. She remembered Shikanosuke and told him to park his car at the designated parking lot.

Kira Kira: Curtain Call

First Stage

After the summer break, Yoshizawa reprimanded Souta for his red hair and demanded that he dye it back to black. Souta insisted on keeping his hair and Yoshizawa had a headache.

The following year, Souta turned in his letter to quit school. Yoshizawa was upset but allowed him to leave, knowing that she is unable to change his mind.

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