sdoots's You Don't Know Jack (Xbox 360) review

Trivia that doesn't suck.

You Don't Know Jack manages to take something as bland as trivia and make it engaging and funny as hell. It's great to see this beloved series return as strongly as it does.
For 30 bucks, YDKJ offers 73 "episodes" of 10 questions each. The questions are specific to each episode, so once you've completed an episode there's not much to be gained by playing that same episode again. Considering there is 73 of them, though, this isn't really an issue. A 400 microsoft point JACK Pack has been released as DLC as well, adding another 10 episodes, and the achievements already have had DLC achievements added for future packs. You'll be busy with the title for a while to come.
What makes the game so enjoyable is that every facet of the episodes is extremely well done. The host Cookie Masterson has enough charm and wit that even a trip to the DMV would be amusing if he was around, the questions tie pop culture references to a variety of subjects without becoming obnoxious, and the pace of each episode keeps things moving.
A good example of the kind of questions you can expect is one regarding how many Shamwows would be needed to mop up the blood of someone killed with a slapchop, or which historical figure Lady Gaga would resemble if she rode a horse naked. This isn't exactly highbrow stuff here, but you're a Giant Bomb user, so you probably won't mind.
 The game throws in a variety of twists to the format to keep things fresh. Things like DisOrDats, where you have to place something under one of two categories. Turns out, there's a lot of spices that sound like they're related to frontbutt and cameltoe. Jack Attack takes place at the end of every episode, where players must match things that are related by the clue given. Alongside the returning stable of question types is the "Wrong Answer of the Game". Each episode has a sponsor, and at some point in the episode, an answer to a question will be available that, while not correct, fits the theme of the sponsor. They're pretty well disguised, and more than once I answered correctly, only to immediately realize that I missed the wrong answer of the game.
For 30 bucks, you really can't go wrong here. With local and online multiplayer, finding a group to play with is never an issue, and there's nothing stopping you from rolling solo. You Don't Know Jack might not be the flashiest game out there, but it's one of the best values around.


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