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You Still Won't Make It is a challenging instant-death platformer developed by Vetra Games, the sequel to You Probably Won't Make It. The game includes three 'worlds', each containing 18 levels, as well as the 18 'classic' levels from You Probably Won't Make it, recreated for the new game.

The player controls a small black creature through levels that fit without scrolling on the screen. Levels are unlocked by completing previous levels, but can be replayed at any time afterwards. The game has no plot, and new concepts in-game are introduced through specific levels and not explicitly.

Levels are made difficult through the usage and placement of obstacles - mostly spikes - which all kill the player immediately upon contact (and shred the creature into bones and gibs). Most obstacles are static, requiring only accuracy in movement and careful jumps, but several include interactive objects or moving platforms - or, in one of the few concessions to the player, checkpoints. Levels are not timed, and there is no scoring, but the game displays a continual tally of the player's deaths throughout the levels.

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