No more scanning the background.. and uploading to YouTube.

#1 Posted by Alphazero (1548 posts) -

It looks like the servers that used to take your generated movies and mail you a link (which you could then upload to YouTube) have been shut down. With the millions of people creating wacky trailers and hammering their servers, it must have just been too much success for them to handle. I'm in the movies, alright, but only so long as my Xbox hard drive survives.
More seriously, the game is doofy fun. If there's a version for Kinect that fixes some of the technical issues, I'd pick it up. 

#2 Posted by Apathylad (3067 posts) -

Hey..that's too bad. I made a couple of these with friends. 

#3 Posted by Sparklykiss (1983 posts) -

Really? Shit. I was just making time for that stuff. 
If Kinect makes a game that fixes what You're In The Movies was, I will gladly buy that system.


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