Hudson's Site says Monday

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This is a good week.

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As in today monday? Cuz, we ain't got no Ys, fool.

I don't think the site can be trusted anymore since NoA wants to screw with everything.


Nevermind, I'm a stupid idiot face. I guess when I checked the shop channel in the morning I was a bit early.
Downloading now.

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I downloaded it. And it is good. Graphics are little too crisp at first on an HDTV, but once you get to where you're in control, it's not so noticeable anymore. Sound quality is excellent. I don't know what Nintendo is doing to these cdrom games to compress the sound, but it sounds perfect to me.

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I wish I had my Wii with me so I could download this.

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Pretty fantastic game.
If I remember correctly, the guy who did the music for Ys I & II is the same guy who did the music for Shenmue, Streets of Rage, Act Raiser, and a few other great games.

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