Ys IV English Fan Dub Fully Cast!

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My brother, Burnt Lasagna, has been working on creating an English Dub for Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys for sometime now. Last month he held an open audition at the Voice Acting Alliance forums for all the characters he had not already found actors for. The auditions are over now and the game is now fully cast. You can read the full cast list on the front page of the project's forum topic. I think my brother was able to get some pretty great talent to be in the dub but I guess everyone can judge that for themselves when the recordings are finished!

Again if you wish to find more information about the dub go to the VVA form topic and for future updates check the PC-FX forums.

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@LentFilms said:

My brother, Burnt Lasagna

Are we allowed to link to that site? I've never been fully clear on that.

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Seems like very poor timing. But then again I don't actually know which Ys 4 that is a remake of.

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What a stupid name for a game.

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@TentPole: Technically Ys: Celceta, Sea of Trees is not really a remake of any Ys IV. The thing is that all the versions of Ys IV, Mask of Sun, The Dawn of Ys, and A New Theory, were not developed by Falcom themselves. Falcom only created the basic scenario that all the versions followed. Ys: Celceta, Sea of Trees will be Falcom's interpretation of their original scenario outline, so the game could be very different from Dawn of Ys.

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@Video_Game_King: There are links to Rom Hack on several Wiki pages on Giantbomb. Rom Hack doesn't have any links to roms or other illegal content. The site only hosts patches and other original content.

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Then again, the argument could be made that it encourages piracy, since what the hell are you going to do with those patches that doesn't involve piracy? I'd still feel more comfortable having a mod weigh in on this.

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@Video_Game_King: I suppose but there are ways of creating your own roms and ISOs using your own official copy of a game. CD games like Dawn of Ys are exceptionally easy to make your own ISOs of. So you could use the patches on RomHacking.net and still be completely legal.

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