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Wondering if anyone has played this. Just noticed it on Steam and I've been itching to play a decent JRPG on my computer for a while.

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Played it a couple of years back, and if you like this style of game, you'll love this one. Story is forgettable, gameplay is pretty good and fun (got pretty challenging too), but the best thing about it I think was the soundtrack. I'd say it's worth a purchase at $15, but you might also want to check out a few videos of it on YT just to make sure you're interested in what it has to offer.

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Finished it on PSP a few weeks ago. Really great, probably the best Ys I've played. A nice classic action RPG with a fantastic soundtrack.

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You should buy it. It's a great game for $15.

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The first boss is haaaaaaard. Once you get past the initial set of patterns, he or she starts throwing different types of attacks at random, ending up in situations where it's impossible to dodge one attack directly after the other. I almost beat it after trying a bunch of times, but I got tired of it. The increase in difficulty from running around in the dungeon to the boss fight is pretty dramatic. 

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@H2Oyea: Maybe you were meant to grind more? Because, you know, Japan.

From the sounds of this week's ILM, we may be getting a Quick Look of this game, so that'll be something to look forward to. Or maybe we won't, because they said they still don't have a PC in the office to play games on, and that seems like it would take a few days to order? I'm too lazy to watch the video again to figure out what Jeff/Brad said.

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It's alright (psp version), H20yea is right though, the bosses are pretty unfair the first playthrough. On the psp the controls just aren't responsive enough to avoid most of the damage coming at you and later on you get to deal with poor platforming as well. These issues

are handled okay in that there are options to lower difficulty on the bosses after dying a few times, and there is even an option to reset to where you were when you fall. But really no story and pretty mindless combat, it's just a prettier version on an older game. The

music can be decent at times, but most of the time it's a pretty bland guitar riffs. For me part of the problem stems from having played Ys seven first, a much more complex game. Too bad the story was terrible in that one too.

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I just finished this one about a week ago and I was impressed.  I downloaded it off of the PSN and played it on my Vita.  The story was okay, kind of generic but I liked the anime style of it.  The bosses were a lot of fun but I agree about the difficulty spike.  I remember thinking "damn the first boss is this hard after the dungeon was that easy?"   There were a couple bosses that I lowered the difficulty on a few times before I was able to beat them.  It took me about 12 hours to beat which was perfect for this kind of game.  First Ys game I've played and I'll probably play Ys 7 in the future

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I've played Ark of Napishtim on PSP and now I can't decide which to try next:

-Ys Seven

-Ys: Oath in Felghana

-Ys Chronicles

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