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The brooding, mysterious Ysuran has few memories to speak of stumbling into the Graycloak Hills and being wordlessly turn away by his moon elf kin there carrying a black tome, presumably his, from which he learned his name and trade: necromancer, a wizard specializing in the dark art of death magic.  Wandering in search of his identity, Ysuran finds himself strangely compelled to aid those he comes across.  While traveling to Baldur's Gate to seek answers from the well-known sage Omduil, he hears of the troubles plaguing the great port city. 
Ysuran is a potent spell-caster who, despite his poor physical combat ability, can grow to become awesomely powerful.  As a necromancer who has chosen evocation his school of opposition, he is very skilled with spells that create, modify, or destroy life force, but cannot use spells such as fireball or lighting bolt.  He cannot wear any armor without training or wield great weapons or bows.

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