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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s World Championship 2010 Reverse of Arcadia is a trading card game developed and published by Konami for the Nintendo DS platform.


The card battles in Reverse of Arcadia follow closely to the rules of the physical Yu-Gi-Oh! card game. There are five chapters throughout the story mode that involves the player battling characters specially made for the game along with characters from the anime series.

Special Duel Rules

While the majority of the game follows the traditional rules of the card game, there are some opponents that when dueling there are special rules involved:

  • Hiroyuki - While the player is dueling Hiroyuki both players will draw 2 card during their draw phase rather than the traditional 1 card.
  • Gushizawa - When battling Gushizawa rather than both players starting with 8000 life points, the player will start with 4000 while Gushizawa will still start with 8000.
  • Zeman - While battling with Zeman both players will have 500 damage inflicted to their life points during their standby phase.
  • Devack - While facing Devack, the player will also have to face Luna in a 2 on 1 duel.
  • Kalin Kessler - When playing against Kalin, neither player will start with any cards in their hand.
  • Carly Carmine - The special rule when facing Carly is the same as Hiroyuki, each player draws 2 cards instead of 1 during the draw phase.
  • Misty Tredwell - While playing against Misty the player can not change the battle position of monsters, while Misty can.
  • Roman Goodwin - The player must defeat Roman within 20 turns or the battle is lost.
  • Rex Goodwin - When the player faces Rex Goodwin he has Yusei Fudo as his partner. Rex also begins the battle with 16,000 life points rather than 8,000.

Included Promo Cards

Like many of the other Yu-Gi-Oh! releases, Reverse of Arcadia came with three physical Yu-Gi-Oh! cards:

  • Stygian Security - (Tuner Monster)
  • Samurai Sword Baron - (Effect Monster)
  • Stygian Sergeants - (Syncro Monster)

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