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Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM is a card battling game developed by Frima Studio and published by Konami Digital Entertainment for the browser platform.

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM is a spin-off game of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series of games.


Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM does not use the standard rules for the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game, it instead uses a much more simplified rock, paper, scissors style gameplay.

The player first starts off on a world map with several nodes on it. The nodes must be visited and cleared in order. Each node contains multiple treasure nodes, tutorial nodes, or battle nodes.

In-Game Currency

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM uses three currency systems. The first is called "Duel Points". These Duel Points can be obtained by completing certain tasks or quests. Duel Points can also be obtained by purchasing them using Facebook Credits.

There is also a currency used called Card Pieces, which can also be obtained through various in-game actions or by purchasing them using Facebook Credits.

Just as Card Pieces and Duel Points, there is a currency used called Coins. These coins can also be purchased using the same methods as the previous currencies.


Each node requires a certain amount of energy to activate. The total amount of energy a player has is indicated in the upper status bar. Energy will re-fill after a set amount of real world time or can be purchased using the games "Duel Points".


The Crafting Screen

During the beta phase of the game a crafting system was added. The crafting system is where a player can select a card recipe, and by combining more than one currently owned card can turn them into a new card. As well as needing the indicated cards, a player also must use some of the in game currency.

The types of cards in the recipe list can be filtered, the following filters are available:

  • Power
  • Life Points
  • Card Type
  • Monster Type
  • Attribute
  • Effects
  • Level
  • Currency

Node Types

Treasure Nodes

Treasure nodes, when landed on will give the player between one and three items.

Tutorial Nodes

The tutorial nodes, when activated will allow the player to play a match against Yugi in which he teaches a certain mechanic of the game. These nodes only appear in the first few sections of the games.

Duel Nodes

The duel nodes allow the player to engage in a non tutorial duel against an A.I. opponent. These battles also require a specified amount of the player's energy to activate. Upon defeating the A.I. opponent the player will be allowed to move on in the game and will receive up to three prizes.


The duels in Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM differ quite greatly from the real world card game. The game begins with each player drawing a hand of three cards. These cards can either be spell cards or monster cards.

Play Field

An Empty Play Field

The play field consists of six empty card slots. Each player has three slots to place monsters and three slots that allow the placement of spell cards. To the right of the player's play field is a bar which contains the player's currently usable one use items called powerups. Also to the side of the play field each player has a "graveyard" which is the discard pile.

At the beginning of each turn both players can place as many of the usable cards in the current hand as desired as long as there is the required empty space. Once both players have places all desired cards the button in the middle labeled BAM is pressed. Once BAM has been pressed the battle commences.

Cards are activated from left to right with the corresponding spell card being activated before the monster cards. Once the spell cards have been resolved then the monster cards come into play. The only factor in which monster wins the battle is that monsters attack strength.

Whichever monsters attack strength is higher will destroy the other and the remaining difference will be taken from the opponents total life points.

Once all the cards from both players have been resolved the round will end and both players will draw new cards (back to a total of 3). The game ends when one player's life points are reduced to 0.

Duel Arena

The Duel Arena Screen

After the initial release of the game the duel arena was added. In the duel arena players can duel against another players deck online. Players can duel others 5 times in a single day for free. If a player would like to duel more than the set 5 times, additional duels can be purchased for 3 duel points.

The 5 duels that the player can do are with 5 random people.

Closed Beta Rewards

Closed Beta Tester Rewards

After the completion of the limited closed beta the game continued into an open beta. Players who took part in the closed beta were rewarded with additional prizes. During the move to open beta, all closed beta players had all progress reset.

  • Millennium Shield Card - A five star monster card that has 1000 attack points and 3000 health points.
  • 15 Duel Points

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