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Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters is a strategy/board game developed and published by Konami for the Game Boy Advance platform.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters is an offshoot of the typical Yu-Gi-Oh! card game series. Instead of battling using cards, Dungeon Dice Monsters is a board game using special monster dice. The game was originally explained in the anime show and released as a separate physical product.


Two players monsters and play fields. The shapes of the floor is determined by each player and can be used strategically to box in or protect certain monsters.

While the game does use monster and spell designs as the Yu-Gi-Oh card game most everything else is different. Each player has a pool of dice and rolls them storing power crests which can be used to summon monsters. Each monster that is summoned also builds a floor design underneath it, advancing a path towards the enemy's monsters. The monsters can then use move power crests to move about the game board, defense power crests to defend from enemy attacks, attack power crests to initiate attacks, and other symbols to use magical or special abilities.

The monsters and dice included in your pool will effect the play strategy. Each player must reach the others side of the field and attack, three times, the player's hearts.


Dies have different crests on them, in different amounts. Choosing the right dice pool can determine how well a player will do.

Summon Crests:

Storing and using summon crests allow players to place their monsters. Each monster has a level, either 1, 2, 3, or 4, and the player must roll 2 matching summon levels to summon a particular monster. Level 1 monsters are easier to summon since their dies will have more level 1 crests, whereas a level 4 monster will only have 1 level 4 crest.

Movement Crests:

One movement crest moves a monster one space. Any monster can move as much as it wants at any time during that player's turn as long as that player has stored movement crests. Movement crests tend to be the most common crest since movement is vital to the game.

Attack Crests:

A player's monsters can only attack once per turn and need an attack crest stored in the player's pool to do so. The damage dealt to enemy monsters varies on if the enemy defends, what the monster's defense stats are, and what the player's monster's attack stat is.

Defense Crests:

In order to use a monster's defense stat, no matter how low or high, the defending player must have a defense crest stored. Using a defense crest will save a monster from receiving some or all damage from an attacking enemy monster.

Magic Crests:

Some monsters have magic abilities that can be activated by using stored magic crests. These abilities are only used during a player's turn.

Trap Crests:

Different monsters have different abilities and some require stored trap crests to initiate these abilities. These are often effects triggered during an opponents attack or turn. These are very similar to magic crests.


Dice Pool:

This option allows your to view the dice you've earned and collected and edit your active dice pool before playing.


The tournament screen.

A series of 3 divisions each with 6 tournaments the player must beat in order to game money, gain dice, and eventually beat the game. Each tournament puts the player against several familiar characters from the original Yu-Gi-Oh anime series. The characters and their strategies get progressively harder and the field, normally a large square, changes and only allows players to build floor spaces across specific areas.

Free Play:

Any character you've beaten in the tournament mode can be replayed in free play mode.

Link Duel:

Using the GBA link cable 2 players can battle one another in a link battle.


Also using the GBA link cable 2 players can trade their dice from their dice pool.

Grandpa's Shop:

Grandpa's shop.

After earning money from tournaments the player can visit Grandpa's shop, similar to the one in the anime, and buy specific dice. The more powerful and/or rare the dice monster the more expensive it is.

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