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Unlike the standard Yu-Gi-Oh! fare, Dungeon Dice Monsters is not a card game, though it still involves dueling with monsters. As the name suggests, it is played with dice.


Each player starts with an avatar on either side of a blank game board in possession of a group of dice. Each die contains a monster. The player selects 3 dice to roll at the beginning of each turn. If two or more of the dice rolled land showing a star (the 'crest' for summoning), the player chooses one of these dice to unfold, releasing the monster and enlarging the game board. After rolling, the player has several options before ending their turn, including moving and attacking with their monsters. The object of the game is expand the board and move one's monsters across it to destroy the opposing player's avatar.

Aside from the summoning star, dice are covered with several other symbols, known as 'crests', which symbolize actions including movement, attack, and defending. When the player's dice land on crests, their values are added to the player's crest pool, and can then be spent later to perform those actions. For example, moving a monster costs 1 movement crest, meaning the player must have at least one movement crest in their crest pool from having previously attained one in a dice roll before they can move one of their monsters.

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