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Yuga is a villain in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. He uses magic to turn the seven sages of Hyrule as well as Princess Zelda into paintings, which he steals away before returning to his native world of Lorule. Using the power of the sages, he calls forth the spirit of Ganon and merges with it, growing in power exponentially through the Triforce of Power.

Yuga, having merged with Ganon's spirit.

Though Yuga is seemingly the sole villain for the majority of the game, he is actually working hand in hand with Princess Hilda, who wishes to claim Hyrule's Triforce to replace Lorule's, which her ancestors had destroyed generations ago. However, Yuga betrays Hilda, claiming the Triforce of Wisdom that she had stolen from Princess Zelda for himself, and plots to remake Lorule in his image.

Yuga meets his end when Link uses the Bow of Light to defeat him. Upon his death, all those turned into paintings by his power are freed.

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