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Yui is the main character in K-ON!. She is a clumsy and immature girl who gets poor grades unless she really, really concentrates. Her younger sister, Ui, is much more mature and she takes care of Yui at home. She is prone to forgetting things very easily.

Yui is a skilled guitar player and is able to perfectly tune her Gibson Les Paul guitar (nicknamed "Gitah") using only her ears. She also has a great voice and is very energetic during performances.

Yui Hirasawa is voiced by Aki Toyosaki in the original Japanese dub, and Stephanie Sheh in the English dub.

K-ON! After School Live!

Yui in K-ON! After School Live!

Yui appears as a playable character in K-ON! After School Live! along with Gitah. Yui's gameplay centers around the 'lead guitar' creating the melody and, for the most part, performing the solos. Yui also appears in the main menu or the club-room, along with all the other characters, at random and can active special events if in the room at the same-time as other members.

Unlike most of the other cast members only 'Sunday Siesta' off Yui's Character Image album, entitled 'K-ON! Character Image Song Series Vol. 1: Yui Hirasawa', makes an appearence in the set list.

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