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Yukimura Sanada was one of the most important characters in the Samurai Warriors period. A key retainer with Shingen Takeda, he also seeks to bring peace to Japan during the Warring States period. A man who believes in honor and duty, and who is as courageous as hell, that's somewhat expected of him. (On a side-note, he mirrors Zhao Yun, the poster boy of Dynasty Warriors, and Yukimura is also the Samurai Warriors poster boy).

The son of Masayuki, brother of Nobuyuki, and brother in law to Inahime (another Samurai Warriors character), Yukimura served under several clans, most notably the Takeda and Toyotomi. However, his famous moment came in the Siege fo Osaka, which he was a crucial part in defending Osaka castle, beating 40 000 troops with only 6000 arquebusiers (a ratio of 6.67 to 1). He did so well in the campaign that his enemy, Ieyasu Tokugawa, called him "Japans greatest warrior" even when he lost!

He wields a Jumoji Tari (or cross spear) with 5 different types, wearing red armor over a black jumper. However, in Samurai Warriors 2, however, there is a golden tint in the armor. 

Besides Samurai Warriors, Yukimura also makes an appearance in Kessen III, Warriors Orochi, Samurai Deeper Kyo and Devil Kings

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