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Yuri Lowell is an ex-knight wanting to journey outside of the barrier of the city of Zaphias and explore the world. Yuri is a empathetic person not giving a second thought into helping others in needs but as well knows his limits, he can be sarcastic and cynical but a nice man at heart. Yuri was once a knight with his childhood friend Flynn Scifo. After the aque blastia of the lower quarter of Zaphias, Yuri's home, is stolen, the quarter is flooded, and Yuri's journey begins by searching for the blastia thief. He meets Estelle after escaping from the prison in the castle after being arrested.

In Battle!

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Yuri is a balanced melee character with fast attacks, and may use swords and axes. His melee range is long enough that he can attack some smaller enemies without them being able to attack him. He begins with being able to only do a three-hit combo, as well as the ability "Azure Edge," which launches a blue sphere from his sword, doing wind damage. Eventually he may do point-blank area effect attacks, some with elements, as well as an altered arte which harms nearby enemies and heals nearby allies. Yuri's basic combo string can eventually reach nine hits with Combo Plus 1, 2, and 3.


Yuri gets along with the group quite well for the majority of the game, and is to be the closest to Repede. He teasingly nicknames some of the characters in the group, such as calling Raven the "Old Man." There are points in the game where Yuri makes some fairly shady decisions, however.

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