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Yuria is an important character in Fist of the North Star. As the protagonist Kenshiro's fiancee, she is abducted by Shin, who leaves Kenshiro for dead with seven scars in his chest that resemble the Big Dipper; the seven brightest stars in the constellation Ursa Major. Shin intends to make Yuria forget about Kenshiro and live a life of happiness with him by lavishing her with everything she could ever possibly desire. However, Yuria refuses to give up her love for Kenshiro, and rather than love Shin, she leaps to her supposed death.

It is later revealed that Yuria didn't die, but was rather rescued by the Chariot Guardians of Nanto, sworn to protect her. Yuria is, in fact, the last Nanto General. With her identity hidden, she rules a city where peace is allowed to prosper and awaits the day that she and Kenshiro will finally be reunited. However, just as Kenshiro finally comes for her, he is confronted by Raoh.

After Raoh is defeated by Kenshiro's mastery of Musou Tensei, the ultimate Hokuto Shinken technique, he manages to abduct Yuria and escape. Because Raoh lacks the feeling of sorrow necessary to master Musou Tensei, he intends to kill the object of his love, Yuria, so that he may feel such sorrow himself. But before he can land a killing strike, he learns that Yuria has become terminally ill with the same sickness that claimed Toki's life. Understanding this, he feels the sorrow he sought, and instead of killing Yuria, uses a technique to put her in a death-like sleep that also slows the rate of her illness.

After Kenshiro finally defeats Raoh, Raoh acquiesces and tells him to go to Yuria as she awakens. He tells Kenshiro that Yuria has several years of life left in her, and to live in peace with her. With the obstacles of their affections finally cleared, Kenshiro and Yuria are able to live happily in her remaining years.

As a Child

Yuria first met Kenshiro and Raoh during her first visit to the training grounds of Hokuto Renkitoza. As a young girl, she was incapable of speaking and expressing emotion, but a simple act of kindness shown to her by Kenshiro allows her to smile for the first time.

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