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Yusuke is the fiance of Kouko. He is soft-spoken, enigmatic, and poetic. Yusuke works as an electrician and he can be found active around town.

Yusuke is good at making poetic speeches about love.


Yusuke rediscovering the joy of music in Kouko

Yusuke grew up without parents and became a delinquent. At 13, he discovered and enjoyed rock and roll. Yusuke later became a student at Tomoya's school. In his second year, he was a student of Kouko. Yusuke played a song in class with a guitar and Kouko fell in love with him. After Yusuke graduated, he wanted to become a professional musician and he got engaged to Kouko.

Yusuke entered an audition and he was approved. His music deeply affected his audience and they sent him letters telling him how his songs had changed their lives. Yusuke tried to live up to their expectations and he was crushed by weight of reality. He took to drugs and was eventually hospitalized. After Yusuke was discharged, his reputation was ruined.

Yusuke then returned to his hometown and back into Kouko's arms. He realized that his initial motivation was to play for Kouko and that he was happiest doing so. He later took a job as an electrician, leaving his old life behind.


Yusuke was first seen on April 20th when Tomoya was on his way to Youhei's dorm room. He was fixing a street light and the car under the street light had a dent on the roof. Yusuke requested Tomoya's help assess the situation. The man assumed that Yusuke dropped a tool on his car. Tomoya discovered that the dent was in the shape of a cat's paw and Yusuke was let off. Yusuke thanked Tomoya for his help and requested his help to fix the street light. Tomoya was given a good sum of money for his help.

Tomoya relayed the story to Youhei and he identified Yusuke as a famous musician and is also his younger sister, Mei's, favorite artist. Youhei wanted Tomoya to listen to a tape recording of Yusuke's music but Tomoya damaged it. Tomoya then suggested that Youhei obtain a music CD from Yusuke himself. They found Yusuke in town. Youhei lied about being able to play a guitar and Yusuke wanted to listen to him play.

The next day, Youhei borrowed his friend's guitar and attempted to play for Yusuke. Yusuke quickly saw through his lies. Yusuke then played a little for them and taught Youhei a little. Youhei was inspired to play seriously. The following day, Youhei played the guitar a little for Tomoya but eventually gave up.

Sunohara Siblings' path

On April 29th, Mei went on a date with Tomoya in town. They bought one of Yusuke's album CDs and they met Yusuke. Mei expressed her love for his music. Yusuke claimed that he was no longer the artist he used to be.

Fuko's path

On May 7th, Yusuke was waiting for Kouko to visit Fuko at the hospital in the neighboring town. Yusuke and Kouko later got married at the school.

Kappei's path

Yusuke found Tomoya and Ryou at the park. Tomoya listened to their story regarding Kappei and suggested that she give him a new meaning to life.

After Story

Tomoya found Yusuke and requested for a job. Yusuke brought Tomoya to his boss and Tomoya was made Yusuke's partner. Yusuke discovered that Tomoya's right arm was damaged and he took over the more technical parts of the job. Later, Yusuke bought a tool belt for Tomoya and noticed that Tomoya become more skillful.

On Saturday, Yusuke was sent to an emergency job. Tomoya was sent to a job alone. The next day during the School Founder's Day, their boss phoned Tomoya that he had made a mistake and Yusuke volunteered to fix it. Tomoya insisted on helping Yusuke fix his mistake. Initially Yusuke wanted Tomoya to attend the School Founder's Day with Nagisa but eventually accepted Tomoya's help. The next day, Yusuke and the company praised Tomoya's effort and that he enjoyed helping Tomoya.

Sanae's path

Yusuke witnessed Tomoya and Sanae hugging and assumed that Sanae was his girlfriend. Yusuke gave them a heart-warming speech about dedicating one's life to one's lover and Sanae revealed that she was Nagisa's mother. Yusuke was shocked and ran away.

Yusuke's path

Love and Spanner

Yusuke's song played on the radio. Yusuke remembered meeting Tomoya and Youhe for the first time then revealed his story to Tomoya. Tomoya relayed the story to Nagisa and listened to Yusuke's CD album. Nagisa presented the CD to Kouko and she wanted Yusuke to sing again and suggested to Yusuke to find career in the indie music scene.

Later, Yusuke announced to Tomoya that he will record a CD album. Some time later, Yusuke visited Tomoya and Nagisa and presented his CD album to them. It was called "Love and Spanner".


Yusuke congratulated Tomoya on Nagisa's pregnancy. He explained that his life had truly begun once he has a child to look after.

Kouko's path

Yusuke marries Kouko

Yusuke and Kouko held their marriage at school.

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