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Life Prior to the events of Knights of the Old Republic

Little is known of Yuthura's early life, other than that she was born on the planet Sleheyron and sold as a slave to Omeesh the Hutt, a particularly cruel master. Over time, her resentment for the Hutt grew until she could no longer endure his abuse, killing him while he slept. She fled Sleheyron a fugitive, stowing aboard a cargo ship. Once the crew discovered her, the left her to die on a barren planetoid.

She managed to survive on her own long enough to be discovered by passing Jedi and rescued. They discovered that she had the ability to use the Force and took her to Dantooine, where she was trained as a Jedi.

She was considered to be a very competent Jedi, but she could not forget her life as a slave nor her hatred of slavers. She could not abide the Jedi's apparent inaction against slavery and she abandoned the order, hoping to find the power to return to Sleheyron as a liberator, freeing the slaves there of their oppressors.

She was attracted to the teachings of the Sith, which taught her not to turn away from her anger, but to embrace and to use it as a weapon against her enemies. As she grew in power and prestige amongst the Sith, her dreams of freeing Sleheyron's slaves fell by the wayside.

During the events of Knights of the Old Republic

Yuthura can be found on the Sith world of Korriban, where she is the apprentice to academy headmaster, Uthar Wynn, and second-in-command of the academy. She is tasked with training the new recruits. When you join the academy, you must compete against the other recruits to see who will become a full-fledged member of the academy. Yuthura offers useful advice on what tasks to complete to earn the favor of the headmaster.

She also approaches you with a scheme to kill Uthar during the final test and take his place as the head of the academy, offering you the place of second-in-command. You can choose to accept her proposal, inform Uthar of her treachery, or simply refuse and continue on with the quests in the academy.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

If you inform Uthar, he will give you poison with which to weaken Yuthura during the final test, telling you to kill her when she tries to turn on him. You can then do as he asks or inform Yuthura of his counter-plots. If you warn her, she gives you poison with which to weaken Uthar. You also have the option of poisoning both of them, or neither.

It is also possible to befriend Yuthura if you have enough persuade ability, learning about her past and her almost forgotten desire to free slaves.

Yuthura duels her former master.

During the final test, Uthar tasks you with dueling Yuthura to the death. At this point, you can decide to side with Yuthura or Uthar, or to kill them both. If you have poisoned either or both of them, this battle will be considerably easier.

If you side with Yuthura, the two of you will team up on Uthar and slay him. Afterwards, she turns on you (with obvious regret, if you have befriended her), claiming that she does not want anyone to steal her power.

Yuthura Ban as seen on Dantooine.

After you defeat her, you have the option of killing her, letting her go, or convincing her to turn back the light side (assuming that you have befriended her). If you are successful in turning her away from the Sith, she leaves Korriban and says that she will consider returning to the Jedi. You can later find her on Dantooine, recently re-initiated into the Jedi Order. This is considered the canon ending to her story.


  • Yuthura's homeworld, Sleheyron, was originally intended to be a world the player could visit in the game but was scrapped during development.

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