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Yuzu Tanikawa is a cheerful girl who has been a friend to the Hero of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor for most of their lives. Besides hanging out with him and Atsuro, she loves seeing her favorite singer Haru perform. However, like the others, her life is turned upside-down when demons appear in the city and the military lockdown occurs. Granted a COMP, she joins the hero and Atsuro in their bid for survival. More than anything else, she wants to find a way to escape the lockdown and return to her normal life.

Yuzu's path is available by default. In her path, she decides to escape the Lockdown and fight her way through the barricade. This creates a hole in the barricade allowing demons to escape out of Tokyo and into the rest of Japan. The world is eventually thrown into chaos.

Yuzu's path is the easiest but is also a bad ending.

Yuzu is usually called "Yoohoo" by Atsuro, much to her dismay. She is voiced by Chihra Minori in the Drama CD.

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