Wiki: Annoying enough to prevent me from playing the game?

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I've only played about 10 minutes off this game just now before turning it off. 
I don't know what I was expecting, but Wiki is really testing my patience... 
Would it be to much to ask for him to just SHUT UP and let me do some "trial and error" puzzling? 
I'll admit that it's not fair to judge a game on such a short run - but it can hardly be ignored that the game basically made me rage-quit before the game got going...  
I can't even remember the last game that made me rage-quit, so the creators of this game really achieved something.

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You MUST turn the sound off in order to enjoy Zack & Wiki.

 That's really all there is to that. You're not alone. The sound design, every sound every character ever makes - especially Wiki, and Zack - is so incredibly annoying and retarded that it is nearly enough to spoil the entire game. Put on some nice music or a podcast and enjoy Zack&Wiki puzzle solving.
Unless you don't mean the sounds, but something else? I don't remember if there was a hint system in the first few levels, but it definitely disappears very quickly.
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Strange... I don't know why I didn't pick up on your topic reply until now... 
Anyway - I haven't thought about if that exactly was my problem, but it may very well be, since sound-design in games often is a big deal to me. 
I actually wouldn't mind a game that can be played without sound. Have had a problem catching up to podcasts lately. Haven't picked up the game again yet though. 

I used to get through a lot of podcasts while playing Forza 2 a while back, but the games I've been playing lately (Batman, Fallout 3, Mass Effect 2 and Borderlands) don't lend themselves well for being played without sound.

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