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Frustrating, but ultimately enjoyable 0

Capcom took a risk by releasing a point-and-click adventure title about a year after the release of the Nintendo Wii.  Starring the young treasure-loving Zack and his strange sidekick Wiki, the pair soon find the golden skull of Captain Barbaros, a legendary pirate.  In return for finding and reassembling the rest of his scattered remains, Barbaros offers Zack his own ship, a deal that’s too good to refuse.  Their globe-spanning adventures take them to Mayan jungle ruins, fiery lava pits,...

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If you haven't yet, buy this game. 1

The Wii has had great games throughout it’s time.  But if you look at those great games, there’s one problem, they’re all first party games.  The Wii has become a cesspool for crappy, “casual” third party games that sell many copies and can be made in six months.  But amidst all of these “causal” games is one that shines above all else and actually deserves to be on the Nintendo Wii. Zack and Wiki is an exciting puzzle adventure. You are a young pirate aspiring to be the greatest treasure hunt...

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Final Thoughts: Zack & Wiki 0

Zack & Wiki is a unique puzzle game consisting of a series of levels, each of which is a "puzzle" that must be solved. In one level, your goal may simply be to find a way through a locked door. In another level, you might have to protect your pirate ship from an attacking sea creature. These are your goals. Getting to these goals is what constitutes the "puzzle" aspect of the game. It's hard to give proper examples of these puzzles without ruining the game for those who haven't played it, ...

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This is a colourful, ocasionally frustrating and enjoyable game 0

The Good: Beautiful artistic graphics and soundtrack – Great puzzle design – Lovable characters – Superb use of the Wiimote – Fun for the whole family The Bad: Weak story ________________Zack & Wiki is one of those games that doesn't look so good in paper, and really what can be good about a pirate kid with a flying monkey that turns into a bell as a partner? It sounds like a Cartoon Network show. But its so much more than that, a surprisingly good adventure game, but by adventure i dont mea...

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Difficult as it may be, it's still a really great game. 0

Positive: - excellent graphics - ingeniously clever puzzles and solutions - intuitive use of the Wii remote - great music - Negative: - gets way too hard way too quickly - hints are rarely helpful at all - early frustrations hurt the game's accessibility - Zack & Wiki is considered to be a very overlooked, underappreciated game. I thought I'd give it a rent and see how it is. It's definitely a great, high quality game, but there are some things that make it incredibly frustrating and way too...

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A true gem on the Wii 0

The Wii has looked for killer apps, and has found several of them... almost exclusively from Nintendo. Third-party support for the Wii has been good, but for many Wii owners, it could be a lot better. But one third-party developer, Capcom, has risen to the challenge, and no game defines their commitment to doing things right on the Wii than Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure. It's one of the best Wii titles ever, and if Super Mario Galaxy hadn't came out last year, it'd have been the b...

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Argh! 0

As a fan of the old point-and-click adventure games, Zack & Wiki had me pretty excited. The game certainly has charm, and even a decent little story, but the good qualities are held back mostly by janky motion controls. All of the unresponsive wiggling, turning, and shaking made certain points of the game more of a frustrating chore than an enjoyable experience. What a shame.Still, I had enough fun with Zack & Wiki to recommend it. You'll want to throw the controller at your TV from time...

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All of the Wii Owners That Skipped this Game Were RIght 0

To put it mildly, all sales figures suggest that Zack and Wiki didn't sell very well.  While this game received a lot of buzz from the major gaming websites (notably IGN), it just didn't seem to convince enough people to give this game a try.  Having wasted a couple hours of my life on this game, I now believe that all of those Wii owners who passed this title over made the right choice.  The best way I know how to describe this game is a combination of frustrating old adventure style games (Ind...

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Brilliant Puzzler Occasionally Marred by Stupid Wii Crap 0

Zack & Wiki is fantastically designed and is chock 'a' block full of heart and charm. If you own a Wii you should play this game. The puzzles strike a perfect difficulty balance; it is challenging in spots but still able to make you feel like the smartest person alive when you solve a puzzle. The only drawback is that sometimes the motion controls can be kind of unresponsive, which is less a factor of game design and more about the limitations of the Wii before they "fixed" the Wii Remote wi...

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A Quirky Puzzler Hampered by Sub-Par Motion Controls 0


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Fresh puzzles combined with innovative gameplay 0

               In a medium saturated with sequels, it is refreshing to play a game that embraces innovation and originality.  Sometimes original games don't reach the bar set by the numerous sequels in existence, but occasionally a game arises that should not be missed.  Zack & Wiki is one of those titles.  It is an adventure game of sorts, but the control mechanics and puzzles break boundaries set by previous adventure games.  Any Wii owner starving for an original title that utilizes the W...

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