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As to what tactical significance an Amusement Park holds to the syndicate is anyone's guess, but it is, nevertheless, at this location that Axel and company first come face to face with the claw-clad, masked enemy Zamza.
Being one of the most athletic and mobile enemies in the game, Zamza can prove a trying foe. Between his spin attacks, slide kick, leaping uppercut and the difficulty of determining his exact position on the field, landing solid attacks on him can be quite a task. Axel's Grand Upper attack proves most effective, as it damages Zamza repeatedly even whilst blocking.
Zamza returns twice more later in the game, bearing vibrant blue or red colour schemes, and the names Nail and Souther. The latter moniker he shares with both a Streets of Rage 1 boss who wore bladed gloves, and a Fist of the North Star villain who could slice through opponents with his bare hands.
Zamza's derivatives are usually less challenging than he is, partly because his movements can be tracked more easily by following his shadow.

Zamza often puts people in mind of Blanka, possible due to his spin attacks and that his stance gives them a similar, savage-like shape.

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