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Queen Zeal, the ruler of Zeal.

The Kingdom of Zeal is located in 12,000 B.C., or the Antiquity. Zeal is separated into two places: the actual kingdom itself and the surface. In the floating city reside the Enlightened Ones, humans with magical prowess and vast knowledge. On the surface, amongst a complex cave network live the Earthbound Ones, humans without magical abilities. The entire kingdom is ruled by Queen Zeal. She is described as a great queen, loved by her subjects and children (Schala and Janus) alike. However, when the power of Lavos becomes too much for her, she grows more and more insane, going against her advisers (the three Gurus Melchior, Gaspar, and Belthasar) and taking advantage of everyone.

The floating kingdom of Zeal as it appears in a cutscene.

The Kingdom of Zeal is filled with magical, technological, and natural wonders. All of the citizens of Zeal (the floating city itself) are very knowledgeable in the art of magic. The city is also filled with technological advances, from the Blackbird (a massive airship) to teleporting panels (similar to those that Lucca creates in the beginning of Chrono Trigger). This network of teleporting panels can send the party to and from the surface, as well as to each floating land mass. Because of all this, most of the Enlightened Ones view the Earthbound Ones as people to be exploited for labor and other such menial tasks.


Schala is the only Enlightened One who regularly visits Algetty.
  • Algetty - Algetty is the city where the Earthbound Ones reside. It consists of a network of caves, and the pathway to Mt. Woe. The living areas in Algetty are much worse than those located in the floating kingdom of Zeal. Schala is one of the few Enlightened Ones who regularly visits Algetty. After the Fall of Zeal, the Earthbound Ones leave Algetty and form a new village with the surviving Enlightened Ones.
  • Mt. Woe - Mt. Woe is a large floating mass that is chained to the surface. It is the prison of Zeal which houses any people who have been exiled there (including Mystics). At one point, Melchior is imprisoned at the top of Mt. Woe, and Crono has to rescue him (causing the collapse of the mountain).
  • Ocean Palace - The Ocean Palace is an underwater palace that is designed specifically for the Mammon Machine, a machine built to harness Lavos' power. The Guru of Reason, Belthasar, headed the project. After expressing his concerns about the project, however, Dalton is made the new head of the project.
    Enhasa, the city of dreams.
  • Enhasa - Enhasa is one of the few cities in the floating kingdom of Zeal. Enhasa is known as the city of dreams. The city is filled with sleeping areas (emphasizing its "city of dreams" title). Enhasa not only contains things necessary for human needs (beds, living areas, etc.), but also things that aren't necessary. Because of this, most of the people living in Enhasa are in an almost dreamlike state.
  • Kajar - Kajar is another city in the floating kingdom of Zeal. Kajar is where all of the magical and technological research happens. The scientists that reside in Kajar have developed many things that make an appearance in Chrono Trigger, from tabs (items that enhance certain stats) to many of the wonders seen in Zeal.
  • Zeal Palace - Zeal Palace is the pinnacle of the kingdom of Zeal. Not only does it house the kingdom's throne room, but also is the living quarters for many high-ranking officials and Queen Zeal's children. From the outside, the palace is one of the most elaborate buildings in the kingdom. In the inside, the palace is also incredibly intricate and contains much of the kingdom's best architecture.

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