Cannot find this on XBLA

#1 Posted by mazik765 (2316 posts) -

So I had never heard of this game before seeing the QL and the unique art style and a little research into the developer made me want to get this from the XBLA. Everything I have read says that it was made available on March 31. However I can't find it anywhere on the XBLA. Am I Missing something or am I just looking in the wrong places? Thanks!

#2 Posted by eroticfishcake (7792 posts) -

It could be a regional release by some chance. Have you checked that?

#3 Posted by Rapid (1432 posts) -

Atlus games are always hard to find =.=

#4 Posted by Shadow (4988 posts) -

It's not out, is it?

#5 Posted by mazik765 (2316 posts) -

Ah just found an article that said it had been pushed back until sometime in Spring 2010. I swear that wasn't there the first time I looked <.< haha

#6 Posted by eroticfishcake (7792 posts) -

Tried looking around for a release date but I can't seem to find a solid one. It was meant to be released on the 30th of March but it got delayed until early April apparently. No word on a release date though.

#7 Posted by Eaxis (971 posts) -

Still no news on a release date.
#8 Posted by dvdhaus (357 posts) -
@Eaxis:   May 5th is the release date
#9 Posted by yindotrunks (75 posts) -

Excellent, been waiting a while for this.

#10 Posted by Kratch (368 posts) -

It's May 5th and I don't see the game on XBLA.  Anybody else?

#11 Posted by Supermarius (1196 posts) -
@Kratch:  sometimes new games dont show up prperly. try going to arcade games-->browse---> all games. Alot of times things will show up there first before they show up in the whats new category.
#12 Posted by Meltbrain (2978 posts) -

It's there now, they just got it up late. No biggie. If anyone wants to do some co-op challenges with me, hit me up on XBL!

#13 Posted by Brodehouse (10247 posts) -

I had to look in a few menus before it popped up there.
Man, this game is crazy in ways Brad never even got to.  The dude who walks because he must, and the thing that happens with the training dude.  Effed up.
Also that first major boss fight was pretty clever.  Seems like no one either than Kojima has been able to do a good boss fight in a shooter.

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