The ending. (Spoilers)

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So I just beat Zeno Clash and I'm so completely stumped by the ending. I kind of understood why Ghat wanted to keep Father-Mother's secret but the whole relationship with Golem and Deadra has me confused. The apparent linking of their bodies when Golem broke his finger has me puzzled, as well as that damn Rubix Cube. Did they even tie up why Deadra was being nice to Ghat during his flashbacks? He seemed like he was flying solo from the begining.

Does anyone know where this game draws references from because some of this stuff is vaguely familiar but I just can't quite put my finger on it.

Hell of a game regardless.

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@Ossi:  Golem (Kax Te) has some sort of link with multiple characters.  The ones specifically shown were Ghat, Daedra, and Father-Mother.  It is not explained how he forms a link, whether it be from physical contact, proximity, or omnipresence.  The Rubix cube is also not explained.

Daedra is not Ghat's sister.  Her involvement with Ghat is left to player interpretation.  I think they dig each other.

I'm sure more answers, and more questions, will come with the sequel.
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Couldn't agree more.  That ending was insane.

If you ever played Gears of War 1, Daedra's character was very similar to Dom.  In essence, she is the players voice, thought the player experiences the world from Ghat's point of view.  Her comments are intended to guide the player in asking questions.   The important part of their relationship is not what they feel towards each other as much as what the player feels about Ghat.

I've been thinking about the ending all morning and haven't really been able to make much sense of it.  The black nekkid dude and the Rubix Cube are what's throwing me off.  Apparently in this crazy world, everything's connected, with the nekkid guy being Golem's inverse thing.  Or perhaps the Rubix Cube is simply a symbol for modern gaming and how it is connected.  Or it is forshadowing a statue people invasion.  I think we're doomed to have to wait for the sequel...

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Zeno Clash 2, man....

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Just finished playing this myself having picked it up in a Steam sale before Christmas.  Was very much intrigued by the ending especially by what is left unexplained.  I actually replayed the last battle just to hear what Golem said again to make sure I'd got the right information from it.  What he said seems to be key:  that there was this link between everyone that came from Father-Mother but it was time for it to end because it wasn't right, yet there would be something else to link everyone together but in a new way.  We can only presume that Ghat, Daedra and Golem are a sign of things to come as they already seem to have been linked together, perhaps with Golem as the hub?
No idea what/who the guy at the end was underwater who seemed to look like Golem or what the significance of the Rubicks Cube was.  Maybe that's the guy through whom everyone gets linked together again and Golem is just the precursor of him in some way.  Perhaps Golem completing the Rubicks Cube was a way of summoning him but now I'm only guessing.

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