Eh... no desire to keep playing

#1 Posted by Jayross (2647 posts) -

I don't know about this game. I liked the first Zenonia (never finished, but put 8 hours into it) but this game seems like the same old thing. I was thinking about getting Chaos Rings. Anyone have any opinions on this?

#2 Edited by cspanick (59 posts) -

I recommend Chaos Rings, the graphics are outstanding for the iphone and the gameplay is similar to that of final fantasys on the playstation.  The way the menus and control are implemented is perfect.

#3 Posted by Sanryd (1442 posts) -

Chaos Rings is pretty awesome from what I've played so far, but for me, I just can't get into games like RPGs on the go. But I won't sit there and play it at home, so it's a lose-lose situation for me.

#4 Posted by RainVillain (712 posts) -

Chaos Rings is great, though beyond interface and battle system, it is closer to a dungeon crawler than a genuine Playstation era Final Fantasy game. 

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