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Zenonia 4 is an RPG game developed and published by Gamevil Inc. for iPhone and iPad platforms.


Zenonia 4 is set ten years after the events of Zenonia 3. The player takes control of Regret. Regret is trapped in a world that is between consciousness and death known as Land of the Fallen. Regret travels back in time to tell his past self that a new evil dark lord is rising and is a threat to all of Zenonia. Regret then sets out to stop this dark lord with the help of his fairy friend Anya.


Zenonia 4 is controlled using a touch screen virtual D-Pad. The game has real time combat and various quests for the player to complete.


  • Blader
  • Slayer
  • Ranger
  • Druid


Zenonia 4 features two different in-game currencies. The first currency is gold. Gold can be obtained in game and is used to buy items, refine items, ect.

The other currency is known as Zen. Zen is used as a microtransaction currency which the player can purchase using real money. Zen is used to purchase new powerful items and weapons.

Online Play

In Zenonia 4 players can play in two different types of online multiplayer modes:

  • Battles - Battles can be played in either 1 V 1 or 2 V 2.
  • Co-op - In the co-op mode players team up in a team of two to fight waves of monsters increasing in difficulty.

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