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Character Bio

Zephyr is one of two robotic guards of Talwyn Apogee in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. Along with Cronk, Zephyr was built by Talwyn's father to protect her while he was searching for the Lombax secret. Throughout the game, the pair of robots constantly argue amongst themselves, each boasting about their own capabilities, while trying to de-grade the other. They are also the physical representation of console fanboys within the game - Zephyr, which was also the working title for what would become the Xbox 360, representing the Microsoft element, where as Cronk was supposed to be the manifestation of the Playstation 3. Subtle digs at the respective companies ensue - Zephyr at one stage wants to initiate defence canons quickly (a reference to the 360 being the first 'next-gan' console on the market), but is promptly mocked by Cronk, who highlights Zephyr's 43% failure rate (pointing out the 360's RROD problem). Later, Zephyr brags about his 'superior networking capabilites' (a reference to the greater popularity of Xbox Live than Playstation Network).
During the game, they will often accompany Ratchet and Clank in battle, where they often make reference to prior experiences and victories in war. Zephyr also claims to have had a mother who was 'half-Lombax'.

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