3DS download size

#1 Posted by Frampis (8 posts) -

I'm thinking of buying this game from the e-shop when it comes out in Europe tomorrow, but I only have the 2GB SD card that comes with the 3DS. Does anyone know how big the download is for this game? I can't seem to find that info anywhere in the e-shop.

#2 Posted by NyxFe (252 posts) -

When you attempt to purchase something on the E-Shop it should show you the "blocks" required, as well as the blocks you currently have free. I can't get you the size since the game isn't available for download in NA. 
I will try to get the size off the Vita PSN when my vita finishes patching. 

#3 Posted by Frampis (8 posts) -

@NyxFe: I'm definitely interested in hearing the Vita version's file size. It's probably indicative of the 3DS version.

#4 Posted by NyxFe (252 posts) -

PSN says 1.3GB so you should be fine, assuming there is no weird file buffering. The game is mostly audio files so I can't imagine the 3DS would change the size.

#5 Posted by Evan223 (108 posts) -

I downloaded it on to my 3DS and it's just over 3000 blocks if I remember correctly, I also have professor Layton and that was in the 4000's. I only have a 2gb memory card in my 3DS but thinking of getting a much larger one, does any one know how the data transfer from one SD card to another works only using one 3DS?

#6 Posted by AndrewB (7782 posts) -

@Evan223 I've successfully moved data by simply copying it from one stick to another. I don't believe there's any trick to it, as long as the stick is formatted correctly (I think it's just FAT 32).

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