Memo Screen Freeze/Touch Screen Issues?

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On the latter point, I can only suggest re-calibrating the touchscreen in the menu options. Seems like it's the fine lines that are the problem?

On the bigger issue, I was pretty sure the game only borked if you just happen to have gotten "lucky" after saving in one of the puzzle rooms. I wouldn't be surprised if what you're describing is one of many dumb little glitches in the game, but... well, I guess all you can do is shut it off and find out, right? I had a couple of those moments (I actually *had* to save in a puzzle room because there was no way I was finishing that one any time soon and my battery was low enough that it wouldn't have survived sleep), and was nervous as heck reloading to see if it was all over.

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I've had it freeze on me once or twice (one time it froze the exact instant I realized "Hey, I haven't saved in a while, I should do that so I don't have to repea-FUCK").

And the PEC line drawing things were really goddamn finnicky for me as well.

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Sorry to drag up a 3 month old thread but I'm having some touchscreen problems with the Vita version. My touchscreen has gonna absolutely bonkers once, forcing a reset of the console. And, more than a couple of times, it's seemed generally a bit slow and laggy. Not something that I've ever experienced with the Vita's capacitive touchscreen.

Thought it was just me, but have found a few mentions of it happening in VLR online. Any other Vita owners run into this?

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I'm playing on Vita and haven't had any trouble. I'm also using a stylus which makes the game much more pleasant to interact with.

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