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Zhang Chunhua was a wife of Sima Yi during the Three Kingdoms era of China, as well as the mother of their sons Sima Shi, Sima Zhao and Sima Gan, and a daughter whose name is not known. In the historical text Book of Jin, she is known for an incident in which she murdered one of Sima Yi's maids to prevent word from leaking out that Sima Yi was quite well during a period in which he was feigning illness to avoid imperial duty. It's uncertain as to whether this tale is fact or fiction.

Dynasty Warriors

Zhang Chunhua's appearance in Dynasty Warriors 8.

Zhang Chunhua makes her first playable appearance in the Dynasty Warriors series in Dynasty Warriors 8 as a member of the Jin faction. In the game, she is depicted as a being known for a particularly nasty temper and brutal punishment that gives even her husband pause. Her character design is based on that of her son, Sima Zhao, who first appeared in Dynasty Warriors 7.

In the Jin faction story mode, Zhang Chunhua assists her husband and sons in their work, including the coup d'etat in which the Sima clan steals the power of the Wei government from the Cao family. She eventually forces Sima Yi to retire so that their sons can take over.

Her EX weapons are wired gloves; weapons that Sima Yi himself used in previous entries in the franchise dating back to Dynasty Warriors 6.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Zhang Chunhua in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII.

Zhang Chunhua first appears in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms strategy game series in the eleventh entry. In Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII, she returns and is explicitly depicted as the murderous woman she's recorded as in the Book of Jin.

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