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In History

Zhuge Dan, a cousin of the renowned strategist Zhuge Liang, served as a devoted general of Cao Wei. He was instrumental in subduing Guanqiu Jian's revolt, earning him his own renown as a fine leader. When he witnesses the death of Guanqiu Jian and the other rebels, he grew increasingly wary of the Sima clan. Eventually he led a rebellion of his own, gaining support from the neighboring nation of Wu. Sima Zhao went in person to subjugate his rebellion, leading an army of 260,000 men against him. Although he put up a good fight, a few critical mistakes cost him the war and his life. When given the chance to surrender after his death, hundreds of his followers instead opted to fight to the last.

Portrayal in Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Zhuge Dan as he appears in Romance of the Three Kingdoms X

In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms video game series, Zhuge Dan is an above average officer with high intelligence and leadership. In the sixth game, he stars in a scenario centered around his rebellion. His rebellion can also be played out in later games in the series.

Portrayal in Dynasty Warriors

Zhuge Dan enters the Dynasty Warriors series as a playable character in Dynasty Warriors 7, previously appearing as a non-playable character. He is portrayed as a disciplined and determined man who strives to overcome his own anxieties and flaws.

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