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Zieg was the first human that used the Red Dragoon Spirit, 11,000 years prior to the events of The Legend of Dragoon, in the great Dragon Campaign. Zieg, along with his fiance Rose and several other humans selected to be dragoons, took on the tyrannical Winglies, namely the leader, Melbu Frahma. Zieg managed to land a deathblow on Melbu Frahma, killing him. However, in the process, he was petrified by a spell. In this same spell, Melbu Frahma took refuge in the Red Dragoon spirit, where he remained dormant for 11,000 years.

Eventually the 11,000 year curse wore off, and Zieg re-awoke. Thinking his fiance Rose was dead after so long, he began his life anew, marrying Haschel's runaway daughter Claire and having a son named Dart. The family lived in a town called Neet, until a creature by the name of the Black Monster came to the village, attacking and killing anyone it could get it's hands on. It was assumed by Dart that his father died that day, as all he had to remember him by was his memento, the Red Dragoon spirit. However, what actually happened was Zieg activated his Dragoon spirit, which also activated Melbu Frahma, who took control over Zieg's body, and left.

Fast-forward 18 years, and Zieg now goes under the name of Emperor Diaz (the leader of the humans in the Dragon Campaign). He sends Lloyd on various missions to get the Moon objects, with promises of a Utopian world. He then betrays and kills Lloyd, and breaks the signet spheres holding up the Moon That Never Sets. He retreats there, with Shana (the Moon Child) in tow.

Dart and the party get there, and Zieg steals the Red Dragoon Spirit back, as it recognizes it's original owner. They fight, and upon Zieg's defeat, Melbu Frahma frees himself from his body, showing Zieg wasn't the one who was doing all of this. In the end, Rose and Zieg reunite, and together they sacrifice themselves to finish off Melbu Frahma for good.

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