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Zolf J. Kimblee is a Psychopath who loves the sight of blood, gore, and death. He became famous in the times of the Ishablen rebellion where he massacred thousands of Ishbalen with remorse using his unique brand of Alchemy. Due to Alchemy circles conveniently tattooed to his hands, he is able to transmute anything into a bomb, whether it be live people or a building from a distance. Because of his effectiveness in the mass murders against the Ishbalen people, he was gifted with an impartial Philosophers Stone to make his alchemic abilities more advance, and powerful. With this power he was able to crush the Ishballen with little trouble.

Once the war was over though, Kimblee felt the need to keep the stone for himself, and killed all of his superiors who knew he had it. Though he was sent to prison because of this treason.

In the anime, Kimblee escapes from prison and joins Greed, though only to betray him and re-enlist into the military. Later he infiltrates the city of Lior to

Crazy Kimblee
investigate an uprising against the military. There he encounter Scar, and with a failed attempt to change Scar into a bomb, Scar kills Kimblee. In the manga, Kimblee is released from jail so that he can help the homunculi. He is given a new stone to replace the one he had kept from the war, and is sent to retrieve the escaped Tim Marcoh. He runs into Scar along the way, is heavily wounded during the ensuing battle, and is forced to flee to save his own life. He recovers at Briggs' Fortress where he is instructed to start a bloody conflict reminiscent of Ishbal. As such, he briefly sides with the country of Drachma, and leads them to slaughter against Briggs' forces.

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