Are the Regenerators from Resident Evil 4 Zombie Cyborgs ?

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I'm gonna say no because I don't think there was anything cybernetic on them.

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Yeah guess you are right, looked up a RE4 wiki and it had the following to say about them.


A Regenerator is a mutated humanoid created from experiments with Las Plagas and human specimens: according to the notes of Luis Sera, they are the most "clearly distinguishable" creatures born from Saddler's experiments. They can regenerate lost body parts in a matter of seconds and are extremely resistant to damage, but are unable to live without the leech-shaped Plagas which inhabit them, which are only visible using thermal imaging equipment. When a Regenerator has lost all inhabiting Plagas, its tissues will begin to expand and contract rapidly and it will implode, leaving only its lower half. The Regenerators can stretch their limbs to reach opponents, pull them in and bite them with their sharp teeth. They can slither on the ground if one of their legs has been shot off. They can also leap from a prone position. The Regenerator can range from having two to five parasites depending on difficulty level and location encountered. In Professional Mode, all Regenerators have a fifth parasite on their back.

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Cyborgs? No.

Scary as shit? Uhh . . . yeah.
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In what way were they cyborgs?

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They aren't cyborgs, just B.O.Ws.

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