Zombie Driver. $5 sale. Yea or Nyet?

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Half price today on Steam. I tend to impulse buy Steam sales, but it just feels so good. I have zero experience with the old GTA games, so based on fun alone, is Zombie Driver a good buy for $5?
Edit: FYI, it's on sale until April 19th.

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Did you watch the quicklook? Seems kinda fun, especially for the price, I might just get it too.
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I did watch the quicklook. It looked like fun, but I was kinda worried about the controls hampering the experience. If I had prior GTA experience, this probably wouldn't be a problem. Do you think it would be problematic?

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It's a fun game to pop in and play 20-30 min here and there.  Anymore than that and it might get old quickly for some people.  It's definitely worth the 5 bucks imo.  (Just saw that you had previous GTA experience.  Assuming you're talking about the top down stuff, you'll be fine control wise if you had no problem with that.)

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How long is it on sale for, Does anybody know?

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@DJbruce92: Steam says Monday April 19th.
I'm seriously thinking about picking it up.
EDIT: Yeah, I got it...
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I think theres 5 bucks worth of fun in there, sure.

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I'm not sure. They changed the logo to read 50% lower price Here, but I'm sure that's not forever.
Wait, found it April 19th.

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It's worth it but i feel you have to like old school games like it to fully enjoy it. Still 5 bucks is nothing.

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@artofwar420 said:
" Did you watch the quicklook? Seems kinda fun, especially for the price, I might just get it too. "
I'm on the opposite fence- I love zombies, but the game looked pretty boring. It might be worth it for $5. Is there a demo?
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The story mode isn't great, but the new slaughter mode (and the reason for the sale) is fantastic.

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I might get it since its so cheap, looks like dumb fun

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I bought it when it was about £1 in the holiday sale, but I haven't actually got round to playing it yet... 

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I've been leaning towards getting it, but it surprises me how split the vote is - currently 56% in favor, 43% against... and 1 percent lost to the aether.
I have a feeling that when I buy it, the game will justify that split vote.

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@VinceNotVance: There is a demo indeed. 

@Genjai: There is a demo, maybe that will answer more and sway you guys either way.


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Just bought it, I'll download it later when I get the chance. It's cheap and has Zombies. Also Achievements, How bad can it be?

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I haven't even played it but...dude...$5.

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Anyone wondering whether to get this, there IS a demo on Steam and elsewhere. Try that out, and hopefully you can make up your mind.

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And, ya know what? After trying the demo, I've decided to opt out of zombie driver and the sale. Maybe if I had a gamepad for my compy or a wired 360 controller, I wouldn't have a problem. But, as fun as it probably could be, for me right now, it'll get passed by.
Edit: After having a terrible time trying to play the demo keyboard only, I tried using keyboard + mouse and that worked much much better. And I just purchased it :^)

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Its on sale again, might as well pull up this thread.
Downloading the demo now.

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I enjoyed what I played of it, but had to stop playing after about 4 hours total play time due to motion sickness. Something about the way the camera moved with the car unsettled a lot of people's stomachs. Only game (or thing for that matter) to make me feel motion sick :(

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I could definitely see some people having trouble with the camera. You definitely want to try out the different camera settings because some are really bad. If I remember correctly the rigid camera setting was the worst. I know personally it could be a little weird for a few minutes but then I would get used to it and I had no problems with motion sickness.

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I've only played half an hour with this game because... bad camera is bad. And also the weapons are not that fun to use and the ammo is not infinite (could use a trainer for it but bah).

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