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Impulse fun with (early) GTA style zombie squashing

I got this game during the crazy holiday sales online through Steam. Paid around $2.50 for the game and it was worth the purchase. Any game that I can speed through zombie infested streets in a car armed to the teeth I will enjoy. 
In the game, you drive around very similarly to early GTA  games. There is really only one main goal of each map, to rescue survivors (okay two... kill zombies). You receive new vehicles through optional quest or just by completing certain the level. Each vehicle has its own unique base stats that can be upgraded from cash gained by killing zombies or completing levels. Weapons can also be purchased and upgraded in a similar way, but are persistent over all vehicles. This is unlike vehicles upgrades, which only apply to that vehicle. There is a good variety of zombies to bash, and they typically swarm you in great numbers. Running them over slows your car down, usually enough for them to attack or throw random objects which reduces the health of the car.  You can replenish your health or ammo by running over powerups scattered throughout the stage or near your HQ (Drop off point).
Visuals are great, the UI looked polished and the game ran very smoothly. This game was little more then I expected it would be, but would of had a higher rating if the Missions/Gameplay were more varied. 
Honestly if you like early GTA style driving mixed with zombie smashing then get the game, (for its sub $10 price) you'll enjoy it.

-Car running over Zombies!
-You drive that car!
-Lack of Gameplay Variety
-Fairly Short

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