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Zombie Master is a mod based around a hybrid of multiple genres used in a survival horror environment. The majority of players are survivors who are trying to escape a level or withstand a horde of zombies that can be spawned by a lone enemy player named the "Zombie Master." The survivors are played in a first person shooter perspective where they must gather weapons, ammo, and objects that can help them against the waves of zombies. The "Zombie Master" plays the game in a real-time strategy perspective in which the player can spawn different types of zombies within red orbs and level specific traps within yellow orbs. 


When a player enters the game, he or she is entitled to prefer either being a human or being the "Zombie Master." Picking the latter wont make the player be the "Zombie Master" immediately or by the end of the round as it can vary with other players who would prefer to be the ZM.
Maps will contain objectives including escaping an area, blowing up a complex, or surviving until the round ends. The maps can contain objects that are vital to completion including explosives and vehicles.
When a human dies from the round, they are not able to respawn and would have to wait until either the humans or the "Zombie Master" wins. 


Conceived by modder "Angry Lawyer," Zombie Master originally began as a hybrid game based around spawning Combine forces as the RTS element but was later scrapped. "Angry Lawyer" then replaced the Combine with zombies which would later be the main part in creating Zombie Master. On April 15, 2007, the first version of the mod was released to the public. On January 5, 2009 with the release of version 1.2.1, "Angry Lawyer" announced that the version will be the final update to the mod and will no further updates will be made.


 In Zombie Master, there are four different kinds of zombies: 
  1. Shambler-your standard zombie, they move very slow but their strength is in their numbers, and they usually do about 25 damage per hit, so try not to get surrounded by them.
  2. Banshee-very fast, and they jump very far, but they are very weak and pretty easy to kill
  3. Hulk-the powerhouse zombie, they are huge and move very slow, but their damage output is massive, and they have the most health out of all the zombies
  4. Drifters-floating zombies that have about the same health as a banshee or a shambler, they move at a medium speed, and they attack by spitting acid at a medium range, which when it hits a human, causes their screen to shake, disorienting them


At the start of the match, every human starts out with only their fists unless they find a weapons of many including.
 Fists Standard, you always have them. fast low infinite
 Crowbar none needed medium medium infinite
 Sledgehammer primary fire hits target with handle, secondary fire swings hammer slow very high infinite
 Pistol regular pistol medium low 20 loaded, 80 spare
 Revolversecondary fire fans the hammer, firing off all the shots loaded (think western movies)  varies high 6 loaded, 36 spare
 Shotgun standard shotgun, obviously best at close range medium high at close range, diminshes further from target 8 loaded, 24 spare
 Rifle bolt-action rifle slow depends on where target is hit, headshots help 11 loaded, 20 spare
 Mac10 submachine gun, it eats up ammo very high low, but high rate of fire compensates for this 30 loaded, 60 spare
 Barrelsbarrels that explode when shot  none very high depends on how many you can find
 Paint can like barrel, but smaller, harder to shoot none very high depends on how many you can find


There are a large number of maps in Zombie Master.  The following are most of the maps in the game, but not necessarily all of them. 
  1. 4d tetris
  2. air
  3. alphasite
  4. asylum
  5. backwoods
  6. bastard
  7. bathroom
  8. bigbadtrojan
  9. blackmesa
  10. blockade
  11. bluevelvet
  12. cagefight
  13. captivity
  14. coutrytrain
  15. crocodile
  16. deathball
  17. deathrun
  18. defence
  19. diamondshoals
  20. docksofthedead
  21. donkey
  22. exodus dawn
  23. exodus ruse
  24. factory
  25. failtrain
  26. forestroad
  27. gasdump
  28. gilmanhouse
  29. holdhouse
  30. jumprope
  31. labescape
  32. lonely
  33. lostintentions
  34. madness
  35. mall
  36. malum canal
  37. mine shaft
  38. minerincovenience
  39. minesweeper
  40. noodle
  41. nuklear
  42. obstacle
  43. onesmallshamble
  44. pinball snowpeak
  45. platforms
  46. plundergrounds
  47. poweroutagesurvive
  48. prisonbreak
  49. projectnightmare
  50. rainynight
  51. ravenholm
  52. razor pro
  53. red horror
  54. redmesa
  55. redqueen
  56. run
  57. runaway
  58. runofdeath
  59. safezone
  60. ship
  61. something textured
  62. spoffydefense
  63. spookhouse
  64. sunnytown
  65. super mario
  66. undeadhouse
  67. urban escape
  68. urban underworld
  69. vault
  70. warehouse
  71. zombiefort

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