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The arcade version.

Zombie Revenge is a beat'em up game from Sega, developed by Data East. It was released for the arcades and Dreamcast in 1999, it's also a spin-off of the House of The Dead series.



Zombie Revenge's gameplay is pretty much like many other beat'em up games that came before it, with the unique element of the player becoming infected. The player takes control one of three characters. The game has a two player co-op mode.

One unique element to the gameplay is the character getting infected when he or she gets hit by one of the mutants. When infected, the character's health will decrease over time The player can remedy the problem by picking up one of the herbs that one of the mutants drops when killed.

Weapons are also optional in the game, the player starts off with a handgun but can switch to a shotgun or a machine gun that are found in the game. There are a lot of different punishing weapons to be found throughout the game, including a drill.

Game Modes

Linda, fighting the first boss of the game.
  • Arcade Mode: The Arcade Mode offers the same experience from the arcade version of the game.
  • Original Mode: There are two modes to go through Original Mode's campaign, each of which focus on the different types of combat in the game. One of them is "Bare Knuckle Mode", where the player is restricted to strictly hand-to-hand combat and the weapons are disabled throughout the game.. The other is "Gun Mode," this only focuses on the guns and the hand to hand combat is disabled.
  • Boss Mode: The player can fight any of the bosses that are in the game. Each of the bosses are only available to fight in Boss Mode when they have been beaten in the regular game.
  • VS Mode: A arena style mode where the player can pick one of three main characters and face off against a human opponent or the computer as one of the other three main characters.

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