abombb's Zombie Shooter (PC) review

A Servicable Game of Cliches

When you first start the game your character background and backstory come in the form of paragraphs. These excerpts of story don’t provide much, and it also does not help that there are a significant amount of spelling errors and grammar issues, making me do double takes on what the game was actually trying to tell me. Basically you can play as two players, and they have to cliche story of a tough guy/girl with a rugged past, and it’s your job to find out how to stop the zombie infestation. The only way to do this is to apparently shoot zombies, because the game never really delves into this question. The story is obviously a throwaway, and I’ve probably given it more time than it deserves discussing it.

The gameplay involves giving the player a variety of guns and telling him to shoot his way through the onslaught of zombies to complete objectives. These objectives usually compromise of turning on a power switch or blowing up a wall in order to escape. The game feature an eight-way directional control scheme, and for the most part, works really well. With the exception of getting stuck in the walls a few times, the gameplay is really smooth and precise. This is a good thing, because where the game succeeds is the sheer amount of zombies they put on the screen at once. I was expecting it to get old after a while, but the satisfaction of of killing multitudes of zombies using miniguns, rocket launchers, laser guns, plasma launchers, etc. You’ll finish the game in a few hours, so it has a nice length and ensures that the game won’t suffer from repetition as you complete the game.

The sound is what you’d expect, as each zombie makes a similar noise upon death. This won’t be as annoying as the music. The game switches between two tracks throughout the entire game, each one not really fitting to what is happening on screen. I had to mute the music halfway through the game because of this disconnect.

Overall, if you can stomach a few problems outside of the gameplay, Zombie Shooter 1 is actually a pretty fun game. The few hours it provides along with its price can easily provide the player a few hours of mindless shooting, but don’t expect any more than that.


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