May is Zombie Awareness Month

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According to the Zombie Research Society, May is the month in which many zombie-related films have been released, especially those they deem important to the evolution of zombies in modern media.  Zombie Awareness Month even has its own ribbon, which is a fitting brain-matter gray.

The Zombie Research Society follows three basic principles:
1) A zombie is a biologically definable, animated being occupying a human corpse.
2) The zombie pandemic is coming.  It's not a matter of if, but a matter of when.
3) Enthusiastic debate about zombies is essential to the survival of the human race.

Given movies like I Am Legend, where it's not a true zombification, but some mass virus, I suppose that something like that could be plausible and make their principles somewhat realistic.

Unfortunately, I think we just recently had a thread about zombies in video games - someone claimed that there were too many games with zombies in it.   After all, according to our own Zombie page here, there are 438 games with zombies in it.  But can you truly ever have too many games or movies with zombies in them?

To wrap this all up - if you're a fan of zombies, or just worried about the Zombie Apocalypse, get out your gray ribbons, and wear them proudly.

*Note* - I've only just heard of this for the first time today on some news article.  Thought it was amusing, so I'm sharing.
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Why make the ribbon grey? Zombies are such cheery fellows.
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Where can I get a bumper sticker?

I realize that there has been a shitload of zombie games, but I still don't feel like it has been done right yet. 

I want a third person shooter zombie game with RPG elements (Loot, levels, skills, etc) and building mechanics so you could fortify building or make your own with materials you gather from around the city. Also vehicles, bicycle would be a basic mode of transportation and you could find cars, but those would hog gas. Don't really know why I am saying this here, but it popped into my head so yeah.
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I think at this point we are plenty aware of zombies as it is. 

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