Stuck early in the game

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It's still pretty early in the game for me so if I have to restart then I will, but it bugs me that there's no clear answer to this.

At the section where you defend your safe house -- I died, then I died again before being able to retrieve my gear. Now I wake up to find my safe house under siege with no gear to defend myself with. I know part of the game's charm is its unforgiving nature, but I just cannot seem to get past this section to continue on. Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks all!

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@pandemic: You should also be spawning with a pistol with six rounds in it. Use the cricket bat to shove (not hit) enemies out of the way and try to create as many 1v1 situations as you can with the cricket bat. If there is more than one enemy near you switch to the pistol and aim for the head, it will always kill. Then switch back to the bat. Don't be afraid to run if you are overwhelmed. Just stick with it and be patient.

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