The Patch Didn't Prompt

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The Nursery door glitch will not let me go on in the game.. The patch date has been updated to today on the message on the floor in the room but it did not prompt me to download the patch.. how can i fix this problem? i cant play te game until it is fixed. Help me guys.! :) please

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@rachiisawesome: I replied to you in the other thread but you may have to start over anyway since a poster on the ubi forums said the patch still didn't let him open the door and an official Ubi support person said he unfortunately had to restart the save.

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@def: im in NA and i dont think i downloaded it in the background since when i go to downloads it doesnt show.. what im getting fromm this is i need to start over anyway cuz the patch didnt fix it?

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@rachiisawesome: the patch does fix it but it MIGHT (!) be that the patch is not able to RETROACTIVELY repair your current save file.

I think you're better off asking in the official Ubisoft forums for the game where there are people who can offer proper tech support as to why you're not prompted to download a patch.

Just let me ask, have you played the game in the last week? I downloaded the patch last Wednesday (EU) and it was live in the US before that according to NWR:

Please check your system settings, go to data management and click on the ZombiU logo. It should list your save games and, if you have the update, an 18MB file called "update data." When you boot up the game, it should display Ver. 1.2.0 on the TV (does not show up on the GamePad screen!) below the PRESS START prompt.

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