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Survival Horror is Back

I realize that's a pretty sweeping statement but bear with me. As a fan of the genre, it's been long-depressing watching hallmark series like Resident Evil or even my most coveted Silent Hill stray from the theme of survival horror into more action-oriented, graphics-heavy affairs. That's fine, of course- some of those games have been a lot of fun! It just makes me sad that true survival horror has fallen out of favor as of late.

But, thankfully ZombiU brought it back with a vengeance. Reviews for this title have been erratic at best as its run the gamut from lauded as abysmal to praised as a return to form for a genre bereft of new meat. Clearly I'm in the latter category.

ZombiU isn't absolutely perfect, but its relentless assault on the senses makes for a horrifically fun romp through a zombie-infested London. Its got a few rough bits, but it shines as a showcase of things to come for the Wii U and a love letter to survival horror.


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