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Taking the hard route in Star Fox 64 will put players on a crash course with Zoness. This planet is a sludge pit teeming with mutated wildlife, sea monsters, and an enemy supply base guarded by fighters and boats. It also serves as stealth mission in some ways. Scattered throughout the level are searchlight buoys. Every single one has to be destroyed or they will activate and cause more enemies to appear in the stage. 
If a player is unable to destroy all of them, they will be forced to head to Macbeth instead of continuing the hard route to Sector Z. A few of buoys have been strategically placed behind rocks and moving metal doors to provide plenty of challenge shooting them down. Katt Monroe, an ally, will show up to provide assistance in this stage and the next. The boss of Zoness is the Sarumarine, a bizarre submarine that can repair itself.
The official Star Fox 64 Nintendo player's guide describes Zoness as a tropical paradise before the forces of Andross moved in an polluted the surface. The majority of the enemies in this stage are identified as wildlife transformed into overly aggressive monsters. A few creatures have been trained to carry bombs. It also has a list of planetary data regarding things like gravity and escape velocity. It's impossible to tell if this is creative license on the part of the player's guide, or information that never made it into the game.
Zoness Information

  • Radius: 3.354 skm 
  • Albedo: 17 
  • Gravity: 56 
  • Esc Velocity: 7.23 skm/s 
  • Equilibrium K: 283 
  • Atmosphere: N250-CO221-CH422 
  • Hydrographics: 90% 
  • Biomass: 1.670 Quads 
  • Class: T

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