What are the all time best text adventures?

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 I feel like playing some old text adventure games but I don't really know what the classics are and would like to see if you guys can list any. I know of Zork, but i have never actually played it and will be getting around to fixing that. Any recommendations or a definitive list would be nice.

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Just google Infocom games. that should give you a pretty good list. I played, or at least tried, all the Zork titles, Hitcher's Guide, and Planetfall. All are free to DL if im not mistaken.

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@me3639: Thank you.
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Oh man, Zork is ROUGH to get into. While revolutionary, it is far from the best text adventure.

The Douglas Adam written "Bureaucracy" and "Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy" are solid choices, and damn funny. "Luring Horror" is quite good, one of the first real horror games.

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@LOTR_Dan: I think you mean "Lurking Horror". :-)

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