So turns out Adidas made ZX Spectrum-inspired kicks (!)

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It's true. Look!

 ZX500 kicks!
You can also check out this link which reveals some more details and views of these ultra-crazy things. The best feature of the shoe in my opinion? The back of the shoe features the ZX Spectrum "R" key - which is a shortcut key for "RUN" in BASIC. Very, very clever stuff. Also they come with a USB stick featuring an "old skool videogame" to play. Sadly it isn't crafted via Z80 processor and there's no signs of attribute clash, but here's a teaser of the game in action called "ZX Runner".

I think I really want these. I *think* they came out last year, though I've only found out about them now. Crazy.
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@pickassoreborn: Aren't they a little LTTP?  The retrogaming revival was last decade.
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Thems is sexy.

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@SeriouslyNow:  Retro gaming always seems to come in waves, there will be another one around shortly.
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I would love to find a pair of these, but they seem to be rare. :(

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