Speccy History In New TV Drama "Syntax Error" Coming To BBC4

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A BBC show covering the rise of the home computer in the 80s, is being worked on currently and is due to be shown later this year in the UK. It may also turn up later in NA on BBC Worldwide.

As a lover of the ZX and C64, I will be watching this avidly when it comes out.

This from Gamepsot:

"For those who missed those golden years, or simply want to relive the '80s, the BBC has commissioned a brand new comedy drama tentatively titled Syntax Era, coming to BBC4 later this year. The show is set to tell the tale of the home computer revolution of the '80s and the fierce rivalry between Sir Clive Sinclair's ZX Spectrum and former colleague Chris Curry's BBC Micro. It will star Martin Freeman of The Office fame as Chris Curry, while Sinclair will be played by Alexander Armstrong--also known as that guy from the Armstrong and Miller show."

"While primarily being a dramatisation, the 90-minute show will also include archive footage from classic shows, including a Spectrum demonstration on kids' favourite Newsround. There will also be a cameos from James Fleet, the rather dim one from Vicar of Dibley, and former Minister for Education Kenneth Baker"

For the ill educated gamer: (shudders @ the music, it sure does bring back bad memories)


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It'll probably end up terrible, but hopefully it might turn out half decent.

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They should have signed up Richard Ayoade from the I.T Crowd, but then maybe he can only work for channel 4 right now...

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